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Golf Tips From Bob!

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The Stance:

The first step in most anything you do involves the basics or fundamentals which, when mastered, make the other steps easier. In golf, a good stance is the firm foundation upon which to shape and mold the swing. The stance is the proper placing of the feet in relation to the line of flight selected to the target. In the following article we will explain the three different stances in relation to various golf shots. The important element in a good stance provides the player with balance. The swing must be a smooth, fundamental, one-piece movement from the beginning to end. To achieve this, the golfer must be in balance throughout the swing. If off balance in some part of the swing, the golfer has irrevocably lost some control.

The first step to proper balance is to place the feet firmly on the ground with the weight distributed evenly between the balls and heels of the feet. If you have a tendency to lean forward onto your toes during the swing, make an effort to stay back on your heels.


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