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Custom Club Experts 

The most complete club manufacturing workshop in the mid west 

Bob Burns is recognized for over 50 years for his teaching, club fitting, and club manufacturing. Our facility features high-tech swing computers and video to assist in the club teaching/fitting process. The swing computers analyze a golfer's swing instantly. The swing is captured on video and gives the golfer a complete overview. Bob will compare and contrast clubs to help you achieve optimal ball flight trajectory at his high tech teaching and club fitting studio.

Bob using the lie/loft machine

Bob giving a lesson with the Launch Pro

In addition to being a PGA Master Professional, Bob is also a master club maker. Bob's club making has been featured in over 100 golf publications. With careful sequence of measurements, Bob can custom fit clubs to a golfer for length, lie, loft, shaft flex, and grip size. Bob can custom build a whole set featuring either lightweight steel or graphite shafts for both woods and irons. Bob Burns custom clubs include a wide variety of different styles, shapes, and designs, all with the newest technology available to give a golfer maximum performance. Bob offers both stainless steel and titanium woods/irons in oversize and shallow face models.

Bob Burns makes Green Bay Packer Clubs

Club Repair

Our team has one the most complete club factories in the Midwest.  We Offer the Following Services:








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Many Different Hi-quality Buffing Wheels Used to Make Finished Heads

Measuring the lie/loft of a True Forged iron

Measuring swing weight consistency

Evolution of a forged iron

Bob Burns True Forged iron heads with shavings

Polishing the sole of the Bob Burns +/- wedge

Bob using the lie and loft machine to calibrate an Iron

Close up picture of the Bob Burns Golf True Forged iron cavity

Iron buffing and polishing

Machined Bob Burns No Bananas Hybrid Prototype Made for Tooling

Stamping a number in a True Forged Iron Head

Custom sole grinding on a wedge

Before and after from a Raw Forging to a Finished Wedge Head 

Before and after of restoring a putter

Reaming out a titanium driver head

Buffing and polishing for iron restoration

Pulling an iron head off of a graphite shaft

Adding sole plates to the bottom of wooden heads

Buffing a satin luster on a stainless steel head

Buffing the sole plate on the Bob Burns No Bananas iron

Classic wooden club recrafting

Bob checking the lie and loft on an iron

After and before of glass-bead blasting

Pre Titanium DAT driver wooden prototype Tooling

Putting the grip on a golf club

Automatic Shaft Pin Drill  for Pining the Shaft to the Wooden Head

Turning down the necks on wooden club heads

Adjusting the lie angle on a putter

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