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Meet The Team

Bob Burns

PGA Master Professional


Bob is a PGA Master Professional, a 2014 National Guard Association of the United States Patrick Henry Award recipient and the 2007 Wisconsin PGA Section Teacher of the Year. Bob founded Bob Burns Golf & Learning Center in 1975. His company designs and manufactures its own line of custom golf equipment and training aids, including the famous No Bananas Anti-Slice. Some of the company’s products have been featured in Golf Digest and the CBS show “The Price is Right.” Bob works with students to develop an individualized instructional program to each golfer. Bob has been recognized for his work with golfers with disabilities and wounded warriors. He also writes a quarterly piece for Palaestra magazine called “Accessible Golf.”

Robbie Burns

Business Advisor and Club maker

Robbie Burns is the expert club maker of Bob Burns Golf. He has 33 years of experience and has been building clubs since 1986. All the machinery has been saved and restored from closing companies. Robbie works on irons in the areas of lie and loft, and buffs and polishes all the clubs. He has repaired almost every type of club, from Persimmon woods to other things. He works closely with Bob.

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