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Instructional Videos

No Bananas Chicken Wing Arm Strap

No Bananas Chicken Wing Torso Strap

PreSwing Principles

The Grip - The Whole Story

No Bananas Glove

Push Fade Slice

Rotator Using a Weighted Training Tool

The Bob Burns Golf Experience

Teaching & Club Fitting Commerical

Club Fitting Commerical

Gorilla Commercial

Golf Club Training Aids Videos

No Chicken Wing Strap

Bob Burns Swing Assist

Using a weighted training tool

Adaptive Instruction for Golfers with Disabilities

Other Videos

Mastering the Game 

Comparing the Baseball Swing to Golf With Tony Kubek
Correcting the Slice With Tony Kubek
The Short Game/ understanding wedges
Putter Fitting
Drills to Correct the Slice With Tony Kubek
Bob Hitting Sand Shots
Training Aids to Correct the Slice With Tony Kubek
Equipment Technology and Club Fitting
Proper Putting Stroke

Correcting the Reverse Pivot

with Brett and Aaron

On the Links

Club Fitting Technology

The Proper Grip

Proper Release to Correct Your Slice

Perfect Putting

Pre Swing Routine

Differences Between Pitching and Chipping

Maximizing Your Driving Distance

Incorporating Loft and Lie In Your Swing

Bunker Sand Shots

How to Reference Your Swing Plain

Hitting Fat and Hitting Thin

Masters School of Golf 

The Most Important Part of the Club

Part 1, Fixing the Chicken Wing

Part 5, Pre shot Routine

Part 8, Chip and Run

Hitting the Ball Further

Part 2, Reverse Pivot explained

Part 6, Rescue Clubs Can Replace

Long Irons

Part 9, Rainy Day Drills

Sand Play

Part 3, Proper side tilt for maximun trajectory

Part 7, Good Golf Starts with a Good Grip

Part 12, Putting Lessons

Other Videos

Putt Mark Putters

No Bananas Driver on the Hot List

Caddying For the Late Arnold Palmer

Testimonial to No Bananas Driver

Proper Club Selection

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