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The Physically Challenged Golfers

As golfers, we are familiar with the term "handicap."


Golfers who play in certain types of tournaments must have a handicap in order to play and keep things fair amongst the wide variety of player skills and levels.

Friends who often play each other for a few bucks know each other's handicap like the backs of their hands. But those who have physical and/or mental disabilities know all too well what real handicaps are. From arthritis in the hands to loss of limbs, Bob Burns helps those who want to play golf. Give Bob or his staff a call at 1-888-742-4766. Or better yet, stop on out to the:


Bob Burns Golf Shop and Learning Center

428 W. Edgewood Dr.

Appleton, WI



And learn from the best!

Please feel free to click on a magazine article below to learn more.

Bob Burns Golf: Adaptive instruction for golfers with disabilities
Case Studies of Disabled Golfers

Bob strives to help everyone in the community to play golf, even those with some medical injuries.  These are just some of the people Bob has helped that are golfers with disabilities.

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Bob Burns Golf
Hubert Gonzales
William Ganem
Jeff Unger
Bob Burns Golf
Audrey Crowley
Charles Fishbach
Wayne Schmalz
Bob Burns Golf
Joel Schultz
Jeremy Stengel
Jerry Eastman
Jason Stebbins

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Prosthetic Arms

Jerry Kramer Green Bay Packer Hall of Fame Restricted Motion

Reduced Number of Fingers

Arthritis in Hands

Captain of High School Golf Team with Autism

Gold Medal Recipient Special Olympics in China

Autism Golf School

Wounded Warriors Back to the Game

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