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 Our products have been tested by thousands of golfers worldwide. Take a few moments and learn what some of our many satisfied customers have had to say about us and our products.


















“Thanks No Bananas for helping me out-drive the competition”


Freedom Lady Irish Golf Team

Bob & Chris

"I want to thank you for all the help you have given me. I used my 9 degree DAT Driver over the weekend and I'm hitting it as good as I have ever hit any driver. The Fujikura shaft you suggested I use made all the difference and I love the way the driver looks at set-up."


Jim B.

Bob & Chris,

“I had a bad high slice and lost a lot of distance with my Cobra driver. I talked to Bob Burns and answered his custom fitting questions and “presto” I got my new No Bananas 460cc driver…WOW, what a difference in my drives. Honestly, I have picked up 35 yards and my ball flight is penetrating with either a small fade or straight!! This is absolutely the most solid and forgiving driver that I have ever hit, nothing compares to it!!!!!! Also, to make it better, Bob and his son Chris couldn’t have been nicer and were very interested in actually helping me out!! I will be back…”


Ray G.
Enid, OK










Dear Mr. Burns,
Thank you for all that you have done for my dad and me. We are so grateful for all the time and effort you have given us to help my dad and me get better at golf.

Amber Schmalz
Wayne Schmalz
Appleton, WI

Dear Bob,

I want to thank you for the great golf lesson you gave today. I've played this game on a limited basis for 25 years now. Quite a few instructors have tried to help me improve my game but I was very impressed with your ability to make me understand the steps to do so. Your patience, humble approach, use of instructional aids and tools allowed me to see my mistakes and the changes necessary to correct them. The video recording you made shows both my swing and some exercises for improving it. This has been an invaluable aid for reviewing you lessons at home. Thank you for being an excellent teacher and improving my game.



Bill Swetlik


At 83 years old I love my Bob Burns No Bananas Driver and 3 Wood. I can still hit them as straight as ever and at my age that's saying something! I still play whenever I can and just want to thank Bob for all the help he has given me with my golf game.


Dr. William Chester

"Hello, I bought your No bananas 460 driver and 3wood a couple weeks ago.. I love them. The thing about them I love is that usually I am pretty straight on the first few holes but am 53 yrs old and as the round goes on, I get tired and lose focus and the ball starts to slice on me. At first just a little and then wham! OB. It is like clockwork by the 11th or 12th. Your No bananas rescue me from that. Thank you. I have been fitted with both Callaway and Taylor made drivers over the years and although good, do not measure up to your monkey! It occurs to me they don't want to make them that good so that they can sell more year after year.

Thank you from saving me from my slicing sorrows."


Larry Poe

Dear Bob,
After a few months and a few rounds, I have gotten a good fell for my new Bob Burns clubs. My game has improved and my confidence in the game has risen. Thank you for the time that you spent with me on July 2nd.


Paul C.

Dear Bob,
First off I would like to express my sincere thanks for all of the time (and patience) you gave me on my visit to your facility on July 12. I found your instruction and teaching style to be extremely helpful. I was quite appreciative of the fact that you spent most of your day working with me. I found you and your operation to be top notch and extremely professional.

When I purchased my first "No Bananas" club earlier in the golf season I began to see a marked improvement in my game. This was noticed by my friends who I play with regularly. I felt that your clubs could help me continue to improve my game. It seemed to me that the best course of action was to take the trip to Appleton, so I could demo the clubs and be properly fitted for them. I had no idea of the commitment, in terms of time and instruction that you would make to me. I left your facility exhausted and satisfied. The clubs are great. The pro at my club, who I gave an info packet to, felt they were quality clubs. While I'm still working at it, the "No Bananas" clubs have had one major impact on my game. They give me the confidence to go at the target, not try to playa slice or hook. That has helped me to stay out of trouble and cut down on the big numbers. It was an extreme pleasure meeting you, Chris, Robbie, and the rest of your staff I found everyone to be helpful, committed, and personable. I was very impressed that you and Robbie would work to get the clubs ready so I could take them home with me. I was also impressed with the concern that Robbie and your staff showed me. He wanted to ensure I was staying in good place and offered to refer me to a motel if I wasn't satisfied with my accommodations. They were also suggesting places to eat and things that I could do in Appleton that evening. I felt that I was treated as a friend, not just a stranger who was in town for 24 hours. I also enjoyed our conversations about police work and New England (and of course golf) throughout the day. Bob I want to thank you again. I am very happy with the clubs I purchased and am thankful for all that you did. You certainly were not obligated to throw in the two free clubs, ship my old clubs home, or give me a hat. It is a reflection on your character and your commitment to golf and people. You told me that you had a great deal of respect for the police, fire service and the military. I could tell that this was genuine. I have enclosed some hats from the Cranston Rhode Island Police Department. This was the department that I proudly served on for 27 years. I am certainly proud to be a member of the University of Rhode Island Police Department, but Cranston is where I spent more than half my life. Please give them to your sons and workers (and of course yourself) with my thanks. Additionally I have enclosed a gift card for the Texas Roadhouse. Please enjoy dinner with your family. This is the least I can do to thank you for your time and efforts.

It was a pleasure meeting you as well as playing with the "No Bananas" clubs. I wish you and your family great success, health, and happiness.


Mike Chalek
Cranston, Rhode Island


I have been meaning to write this for some time. I purchased a 460cc No Bananas Driver about 6 months ago and it has radically changed the way I play. In fact, a round of golf doesn't go by that my playing partners tell me it was the best investment I have ever made. I always sliced the ball, but now I have a nice small draw and constantly hit it in the fairway. After I bought the club I had a few phone conversations with Bob and he made some minor changes to my grip and stance. Now I draw every club I own. I hardly ever broke 100 before, but now I am consistently in the high 80's; in fact, I broke 40 on the back nine a couple of weeks ago. I also purchased three hybrids and love those as well.


J. Perry
Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

I recently purchased one of your No Bananas anti-slice drivers, I used it and found it to be the answer to my golfing prayers. So I then ordered the No Bananas 5-Wood to fix my slicing in that problem area of my game as well. When the 5-Wood arrived, I was pleasantly surprised at the Magilla Gorilla head cover.


C. Fleniken


I just wanted to thank you for the custom No bananas Driver that you made for me. It has made my golf game so much better. At 63 years old you cannot get the distance that these young people do, but if can stay in the fairway you can still compete. More distance and no more slicing for me.


Thanks again.

Richard Mackan

I am very pleased with the driver. It is very well made and has helped my game tremendously. I am hitting my tee shots straighter and further than ever before which gives me more confidence with the rest of my game. Since using the Bob Burns NO Bananas 430cc Driver I have dropped two strokes off my handicap, and that's in only one season.


M. Juntunen

PGA Tour Partner Club Tester.


I've always had a terrible slice, but these No Bananas Irons kept me in play and helped me shoot the lowest 9 holes that I have ever played. With its large head weighting system and offset hosel I better second shots with more distance. Thank you Bob Burns, I maybe looking to buy one of your drivers now!


T. Jolly

PGA Tour Partner Club Tester.

After some practicing on the driving range with the No Bananas Irons, I felt that I was ready to try them out on the course. I shot three strokes below my average and didn't slice a single ball. After playing with them for a while, I lowered my handicap by 5 strokes and I know it would go down more if I keep playing with them. The Bob Burns No Bananas Irons work for me.


J. Nunes

PGA Tour Partner Club Tester.

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that the No Bananas 460 Driver has really improved my tee shots. I first tried it on a course in Austin on a very windy day and I couldn't believe the drives I was having. Most of them were in the fairway and they were going 250 - 280 yards. My favorite club is your #3 Hybrid, so now with that and the driver I can reach a green on a long par four or par five in two shots. I've been using the #5 Hybrid to do some great bump and run shots also. Anything within 50 yards just seems to work for me now.

Thank you very much.


Tom Hauke

Waco, TX

I'd like to say that working at, that I've had the privilege to test some nice clubs. Your No Bananas drivers and fairway woods though are without a doubt the best that I have ever tried. Recently, I played at a course where the first fairway is so narrow, that normally my second shot would be trying to get back onto the fairway. The starter said that's quite normal for most players. This time, I teed off, but split the fairway. He asked me where he could get one of those drivers. I told him nowhere else but
This is a terrific product. I know that everyone who struggles with a slice off the tee, or from the fairway, can shoot lower scores without having to change their swing only by using one of your clubs, I really look forward to seeing what else you come up with.


Ron Schreuders


I really love the woods and irons you sold me last year. When you suggested senior shafts and built up grips, I was not sure I would like that, but they have worked great. I turn 75 in May, so I can use all of the help that I can get from the clubs I use. The lesson you gave me really made me more confident. I shot in the 70's 9 times in Sept. and Oct., and was never over 85 not bad for an old guy who lived in the low 90's the last couple of years. I'll come over and for another lesson in spring when we can go out on to your range and hit some balls too. When I come over I'll bring my two buddies. They want to meet the guy who took money out of their pockets. Since my game improved they don't win nearly as many skins from me as they used to.

Stan S.

Sheboygan, WI

"Having been a lifelong slicer, the No Bananas driver is amazing. In my second round using it, I hit 13 out of 14 fairways."


John Riehemann

PGA Tour Partners Magazine


"The No Bananas driver produced straighter and longer drives from the first time using it. I am now in a much better position off the tee."


Bob Zelle

PGA Tour Partners Magazine


"This really worked, I reduced my slice by about 50% and hit more fairways."


Paul Stephens

Midwest Golfing Magazine


"It wasn't a miracle, but close - I hit this staighter, for me and much longer. I really did lose my slice. I would buy one."


Richard Ehrens

Midwest Golfing Magazine

"I just have to tell you that this 430cc No Bananas driver has just outright raised my golf game to a new level. I am crushing the ball straight and far. I am on the green in two on a number of par fours this year that until hitting this driver just wasn't happening enough, now it happens a lot. I am consistently shooting in the mid 80's now and it feels great. All of my buddies I play with can't believe how far and straight I am hitting my drives this year."

Eric W.

"I just wanted to thank you for the amazing service that you and everyone else provided to me at Bob Burns. From my initial call to the alterations of my clubs, you helped me find exactly what the problem was, shorter clubs, and a different loft. Now I treat those clubs like an American Express Card - I wont leave home without them. The adjustments you suggested and the changes you made changed my golf game completely. Now I consistanly keep my balls on the fairway that I'm actually playing and out of everyone else's. Thanks for everything!"


Kevin G. McDonald

"Chris, trhe new driver you sold me surprised me in two ways. First off it worked as advertised. I told you my golf buddies would laugh at all of the clubs I have purchased to improve my game. With your new driver the ball goes slice as advertised. It sure is nice to buy something that works. The second thing that suprised me was that it added distance to my shots. I was hitting the ball so well I had to read teh borchure again to make sure the club was legal. I might be a bad golfer but I do try to play by the rules.

One more thing, my handicap might be high but it sure is nice to blow my golf buddies away. long story short, nothing works like practice except a Bob Burns Driver."


Tony A.

"Chris, thanks for your help with the hybrid. I played with it last Friday and love it. I can't believe I'm hitting the driver long and in the fairway. I can actually hit the 3 wood almost as far as the driver, and can hit it off the ground in the fairway! I've never been able to do that with a 3 wood. Golf is much moer fun with your clubs. My scores have dropped by about 12 to 15 strokes on 18 holes, and I am excited about getting even better. Thanks again!"

David W.











"Bob, as promised, here is the picture of my scorecard, which is my best-ever round of golf using your driver, 3 wood, 5 wood and 5 hybrid. This was fun from start to the finish! Tell your students and customers that I am 64, and if an old guy can do this, just think what good your custom-built golf clubs could do for others!"


Norm R.




"I just wanted to thank you for the time you gave me during my golf lesson. I’ve had some advice in the past on how to improve my golf game but only your instruction produced the results I was seeking. Your No Bananas 460cc Driver cured my slice and gave me a renewed vigor and extra distance to my game.

It was great fun talking with you, sharing stories, and just generally having a good time.”


John F.

Dear Mr. Burns,
Thank you for all that you have done for my dad and me. We are so grateful for all the time and effort you have given us to help my dad and me get better at golf.

Amber Schmalz
Wayne Schmalz
Appleton, WI


Lonnie C

Minnetonka, MN


Dear Bob,
We had been looking forward to this experience and it exceeded our expectations in many ways! Thank you so much to you and your team for the fantastic welcome, for your time and your patience and many great tips. We can't wait to put them into practice with our custom fitted irons! Hope we can have you at our course one day!


Manon & Andre
Montreal, Quebec


Any golf instructor in the world could work with Tiger Woods and have a successful student. But to teach a no talent hack how to swing takes a miracle worker. And that's the hidden message in the gorilla logo; Bob Burns Clubs make good shots so easy that even a trained monkey (like me) can play the game.


Bill Fletcher

"I received the 460 NB driver. It is very well designed and made. Took the driver out to the range. As I expected it may have too much offset for a teaching pro like me. Although my students really, really liked the club. So much so that I may have sold 1 or 2 clubs! I find the face of your driver to be very responsive! When hit in the sweet spot, the ball really explodes off the face. Better than my Ping G10 or my Nike "Tour Preferred" Sumo, both with Aldila Proto By You shafts!"


Tom Lester

"I'm going to tell you like it is. The difference between my No Bananas 460cc driver and the six other name brand drivers in my basement is forgiveness. I hit your No Bananas driver 25-30 yards longer than my Taylor Made R7. With the other drivers, its difficult for me to develop good tempo. With the No Bananas driver, my tempo has improved and even on my mis-hits I find myself in the fairway. I must say, I have tried everything. Every training aid, golf club, book and instructor and nothing has worked until the No Bananas driver. I think you have a great product and i'm going to tell everyone."


Jack P.
Woodbridge, VA

I have been an avid student of the game of golf for over 25 years. I have tried the "Newest", the "Latest", and the "Greatest"; and have put plenty of dollars into trying to better my game. Bob Burns is the fourth swing coach that I have been to and he has taken me the furthest by far. He tailored a program for my swing, temperament, and my body to form a lesson plan for success. It surly wasn't easy and the commitment was hard. But I've gone from being an 80s / 90s player to being a 70s / 80s player. Now all I need is for Bob to help me with my putting. Thank you Mr. Burns for your dedication, your friendship, and for sharing your wonderful family with mine.


Dean O.
Neenah, WI

Dear Chris,

The 460cc Driver you sent me arrived yesterday evening and I played with it today. The difference was unreal. I played with my old Cobra on Sunday at LaCantera and shot a 104. I played at the Golf Club of Texas today with your club and shot an 89. I think that due to your club my confidence is now out of the ICU and on the mend. It swings so light and easy and the length is just perfect. I also love the hot pink grip that you put on it. Thank ya'll so much. And you were right; it doesn't slice at all no matter what I do.


Deb Z.


Hi Bob and Chris,

I just wanted to tell you that I love my new No Bananas 460cc driver. My game has improved by 10 strokes (no lie)! I no longer fear the long par 5's. Thank you so much.


Drew S.


My wife and I stopped by your shop and looked at a No Bananas Driver for myself. I had a lesson with Chris trying out my new driver. I hit it so well that I decided to buy it. I took it home and haven't looked back since. I've dropped on average 5 or more strokes from my game. I'm coming back soon to get the No Bananas 3 and 5 wood to add to my set. Thanks a bunch guys.


Dick. A


I have enjoyed playing golf more this year than I have for the last few years thanks to the No Bananas driver I bought from you recently. Just a few days ago I shot a 76 on a course that I haven't broken 80 on for many years. At age 74 I play from the senior tees but now I am hitting the ball much farther and straighter due to your club. Thanks for all of the fun I am having.


Bruce M.

I purchased you No Bananas 430cc Driver, 5 Wood, 3 and 5 Hybrid, and the 6 Iron through Lob Wedge. I am hitting the driver long and straight. I love my new hybrids and irons; I get great distance with them. I know it was not just the equipment that made this change but also the lesson that I had with Bob. I remember all of my drills and try to practice them whenever I can. I concentrate on my weak points and have improved a lot. I am having a great golfing year. Thank you Bob.


Jo Ann L.


I love my new Bob Burns golf clubs. I feel confidant about hitting them and have gained about 10 to 15 yards on my irons alone. I am hitting it so straight its scary. Thanks for giving me back my golf game.


Larry Koch
CEO Hillshot Golf
3 time PGA Best New Product Winner

I know that we have already thanked you for our clubs and lessons, but I just wanted to ass my personal appreciation, especially for the lesson. We hit some balls on the range on Sunday and the difference in my swing was quite remarkable, I felt much freer and consequently more confident with my driver.

I will continue to work on my new grip and the other swing and setup drills that you gave me. Thank you very much.


Rohan Barnett
Managing Director
Organization of Golf Range Owners

I just wanted to let you know that I got out on the course yesterday for the first time with my new clubs, and I live them! I couldn't believe the difference in my game. Thank you so much!


Joe M.

Marshfield, WI

One word, AMAZING!!! I've been a slicer forever. After using the No Bananas 430cc Driver, I hit 12 out of 13 fairways, and the one I missed, I missed left! My scores have been improving each time I go out. Thank you Bob Burns!


J. Riehemann

PGA Tour Partner Club Tester.


Absolutely amazing! I figured that's what any product would have to be to stop me from slicing without drastically changing my swing. And this product has done that. After using the No Bananas 430cc Driver, I only slightly sliced 1 out of 10 tee shots (instead of my usual 9 out of 10 severe slices). My distance is improved also with this driver.


J. Mielziner

PGA Tour Partner Club Tester


I never hit a draw with my irons until I tried the Bob Burns No Bananas Irons. I am very impressed with them; these clubs are more forgiving than my Nike Slingshots. I also really liked the changeable weighting system in the head. Thank you Bob Burns.


K. Bond

PGA Tour Partner Club Tester.

I'm 61 years old and have played golf for the past 25 years. I would only play about 50 or 6 times a year and only with guys I know well because of a vicious slice off the tee and lots of searching the right rough as I would hack my way to the green. I would still manage a drive in the fairway and an occasional par or two but seldom finished a round under 115.

While thumbing through a golf magazine one afternoon I ran across an add for Bob Burns Golf and his No Bananas driver. I went to the website and read an exact description of what I had been going through for the past 25 years. Struggling to keep the ball in the fairway on every shot was exhausting mentally and physically. Finally someone was doing everything that could be done to a golf club to help solve this problem. I filled out and submitted the questionnaire and was contacted by Chris Burns within a couple of days. Chris was great to work with. We clarified some of my information and Chris made some recommendations as to shaft length and flex to fit my profile. I had been playing with pretty much junk clubs so I decided to replace everything and order a 430cc No Bananas Driver and a complete set of No Bananas Irons with regular flex graphite shafts. These clubs are beautiful and they work! For all these years I have been trying to control the head of the golf club with my hands and arms. I would grip the club tightly, my forearms would bulge and I would stand rigid over the ball intent on returning to that position after a short, quick back swing. The golf swing was almost painful for me and the result was usually terrible. Take these clubs to the practice range. As soon as you place your trust in these clubs and allow them to work for you, you will be astonished! Once I eased my grip and trusted the No Bananas Driver to do its part, my back swing slowed down and lengthened and my legs and hips moved more freely. For the first time I could actually feel the head of the club at the end of the shaft. My down swing became smoother, trusting that when that 430cc offset head met the ball, good things were about to happen. Another first, feedback upon impact! Catch that ball on the sweet spot and that feeling will travel from the face of the club, up the shaft, right through your hands and arms going right into your brain. It sounds great and feels great and you are left with the desire and confidence to repeat it over and over aging. The same goes for these beautiful irons. Trust them and let then swing. The payback is awesome. I just called Chris Burns to thank him for all of his help and also to order the No Bananas 3 and 5 Fairway Woods (two clubs I never bothered to carry in my bag before!)


Dave Devin



Just a note to let you know how very delighted I am with my new Bob Burns clubs. I am 73 years old and my handicap is about a 17. Your advertisement in a recent issue of ‘Partners Magazine” caught my eye, I jumped at the chance to try the Ultimate Fix with the Bob Burns clubs.

You and I discussed my game on a number of occasions, and you suggested that I try various clubs and were nice enough to send me many of them on a trial basis. You made every possible effort to get me fit properly. Eventually I selected a 9-degree driver, a three and five fairway wood, and a five iron. The clubs are wonderful in every imaginable way, from their streamed lined look to the way they feel when striking the ball. The distance and control I get when hitting them is amazing.

In a short time I was hitting them like a pro, twice last week I hit every fairway with nice long straight drives. Fourteen fairways one day and two rounds later, another fourteen. My scores the last six or seven rounds have all bee between 81 and 86. Well below my 17 handicap and not bad for an old geezer like me.

You have made me a very happy customer and I will be pleased to gratuitously endorse not only your clubs, but your fine customer service as well.

Thanks for your help in bringing my game back up to an enjoyable level.

Eugene W. H.

Palm Coast, Florida


"Just a note to let you know how much I have enjoyed the No Bananas driver. After using a 3 wood for 30 years, because of a terrible slice with a driver, it is just great to tee off with my new driver and hit it straight down the center of the fairway."


John A. Strutt, III


"The baseball spray-hitting turned into a golfing liability along with playing left-handed. Starting with a 39 handicap and slicing the ball uncontrollablyforced me to read many golf magazines and listen to thousands of pieces of advice. I almost quit.

Just when I started to get a little better, a twenty-four handicap or so,(from my improved short game), my driving would go haywire and I would lose strokes to out of bounds and hazards with my driver. The more I practiced and played my slice, the more I would suddenly hit one straighter. You guessed it---in trouble on the other side!! I became afraid of my driver!

Then I read about a No Bananas club guaranteed to help me hit the ball straighter. Like antone, I was a little skeptical, even with the explanation and guarantee. Now the club didn't change my swing, but even on my poor swings, I'm still, at age 61, trying to learn to trust the correct swing. When I do, I hit it perfect. The nice little draw or perfectly straight shots which have my playing partners 'wowing' about my club. Even my off center hits stay in play, so my handicap has dropped to a 14 from an 18.Bob Burns Golf has made a true believer out of me. I've already got a grin that wont quit from my Bob Burns No Bananas Driver, and the marvelous technical service I get from Chris, Bob's son. Golf is more fun now than it has ever been thanks to my Bob Burns' No Bananas Driver."

Doug Dillon

"Chris, thanks for your help with the hybrid. I played with it last Friday and love it. I can't believe I'm hitting the driver long and in the fairway. I can actually hit the 3 wood almost as far as the driver, and can hit it off the ground in the fairway! I've never been able to do that with a 3 wood. Golf is much moer fun with your clubs. My scores have dropped by about 12 to 15 strokes on 18 holes, and I am excited about getting even better. Thanks again!"


David W.

"I've ben a "slicer" my entire golf life. I'm now 69 years old, and this pass season my slice worsened and my driving distance decreased to about 200 yards. However, when I purchased your 460cc No Bananas Driver, I started hitting the ball well over 230 yards and, believe it or not, STAIGHT!"

Bob D: Massachusetts

If you are one of our many satisfied customers and would like your comments or experiences included in our testimonials section please either write or e-mail us. Your explanation can be long or short, we just want to know what you think.

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