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Golf Tips 5

Improper posture at address is one of the most common faults of the average golfer, and because the posture influences the swing we will examine three common factors that are apparent among the good golfers.

1) First and most important, the good player keeps his back as straight as possible at address, including his upper body over the ball by bending from the waist.

This has the effect of thrusting the posterior out and pulling the stomach in, because the degree we bend from the waist influences the amount of shoulder turn we can promote (in the backswing) this position is most important prerequisite.

2) Second, the good golfer flexes and “sits on” his knees as he addresses the ball, providing stability and balance for the backswing and allowing him to use his legs correctly in starting the downswing.

3) Third, the good golfer holds his head erect, giving the impression that he is “standing tall” to the ball. He bends over from the waist only sufficiently to be able to ground the club head behind the ball.

This “proud” stance with high head will facilitate a wide swing arc and provide space for the shoulders to turn, without the head and upper body swaying.

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