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DAT Limited Edition

Celebrating our 50th year, our new D.A.T driver with draw alignment technology features 2 adjustable tungsten weighted screw portals with a gold PVD finish. 9.5 degrees loft. Custom fitted and built to order.

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Bob Anna Alicen putting drills revised e
Golf Instruction

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Bob Burns Golf & Learning Center, home of the No Bananas Anti Slice driver, is in Appleton.


​​​- Seniors bring a friend, buy a bucket get one free

- After school Jr. Program, bring a friend buy a bucket get one free 

- Weekends, Parents buy a large bucket and get a small bucket free


Hours and Specials


*We recommend you purchase a bucket half an hour to an hour before dark. 

Every Day


Pro shop: 11:00am- 8:00pm
*Central Time

*We start taking calls when we open.

Club Fitting



In club fitting, we figure out what shafts, grips, lofts, and lies you need for the ideal clubs.

Club Making / Repair


Our team has one the most complete club factories in the Midwest that can build, re-craft, repair, and re-grip your clubs.

Welcome / History



Our mission is to provide golfers like you a wealth of golf information. We would like to hear from you. Let us know what you think.

Training Aids /


Our training aids are specifically designed to improve your swing and grip.

Custom Clubs



Our custom clubs can be adjusted to your needs. We have the correct loft and lie on our clubs giving all golfers the perfect shot.

Junior Golfers
Bob has helped the youth in our community get to experience this great sport.
Wounded Warriors



Bob has helped soldiers injured in combat to play golf.

Disabled Golfers



Bob has helped people with disabilities play golf.

Group Lessons



Here at Bob Burns Golf, we can give lessons to individuals, couples, or larger groups.

Anna 1200 x 1200 final.jpg

Bob has helped many people in our community to get to know golf better, and fix bad habits. 

Range Prices

Junior Bucket - $5.00 (25 balls)

Small Bucket - $8.00 (45 balls)

Medium Bucket - $10.00 (75 balls)

Large Bucket - $15.00 (105 balls)

Click on the picture below to see Bob and his teaching partner Hogan!

Click on the picture below to see the Bob Burns Catalog!


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