Company History


to the Bob Burns Golf Learning Center, Fox Valley’s premier

outdoor golf practice facility. The objective of the Bob Burns

Golf Learning Center is to provide a facility that caters to the

needs of today’s golfer. The center  provides an enjoyable

place for the whole family to practice and learn the game of

golf. The goal of the Center is to develop a stimulating learning

atmosphere for the beginning golfer and yet satisfy the more

intensive practice and learning needs for the intermediate and

advance golfer. The Bob Burns Golf Learning Center will make

it possible for golfers of all ages to understand the basic principles

of the golf swing, while helping each student reach a better

understanding of his or her potential.

As a teacher, Bob is aware that the age and physical  characteristics of each student will vary, so he utilizes a versatile teaching concept that applies to a broad  spectrum of students. He continues to attend P.G.A.  teaching seminars in order  to update his teaching  techniques and concepts, so that he is able to better  communicate the most-up-to-date learning innovations to  his students. His philosophy is “those who dare to teach  must never cease to learn”.

With state-of-art video and computer technology,

Bob will develop an individualized instruction program

for any golfer’s needs. As a P.G.A. Master Professional

with 50 years’ teaching experience, he has developed

a comprehensive knowledge of the mechanics of the

golf swing and possesses a proven ability to communicate

that information to his students. He has set up a framework

by which he can give his students proper instruction along

with exercises and drills to enhance their golf swing and

improve their game. Bob works with his students to build

a repetitive golf swing and a solid foundation for continuing


Bob’s Appleton facility has putting and chipping greens as    well as a large sand bunker to enhance practice drills. Bob    can help you with your short game problems and show you  how to use all the different clubs for pitching, chipping, and  blasting from the sand (even from those nasty buried lies!).    Players lose most of their strokes around the green.                Therefore, developing technique and touch from up close is  the quickest way to lower your score.

A variety of instruction and information is available for every golfer at the Bob Burns Golf Learning Center. Club selection, fitting, club repair, private lessons, and corporate group lessons are available. Clinics and lessons for men, women, and juniors are offered year-round both inside and outside. Come see us for a tune-up or a full program of instruction!

Experience in the Golf Industry­______________________________

Bob Burns is in an elite group of only  200 P.G.A.

Master Professionals. Bob is considered a subject

matter expert in club fitting, club making, club design

and club repair, of which he wrote his Masters Thesis.

Before building his golf academy, learning center and

golf club manufacturing facility, Bob  worked at private,

public, and golf resort facilities for over 40 years.  In

addition to working as a club pro, Bob has successfully

built and repaired clubs.  Some of his students and

customers include: Bob Hope, Ray Nitchke, Mike Ditka,

Mike Holmgren, Joe Montana, Marty Schottenheimer, Jim

Mora, Tony Kubek, and many others.

Professional Golf Instructor_______________________________­­­­­­­­­­____

Bob was one of the original staff members of the        Education Department of the program.  Bob has given schools for the P.G.A. of America at the Tommy Armour and Ben Hogan Golf Companies and at Ferries State University for its professional Golf       Management program. Bob has the knowledge of an engineer and the technical skills of a craftsman: as a P.G.A. Master Professional he knows how to analyze the individual characteristics of a player’s swing. Therefore, Bob can recommend specific components necessary to tailor custom golf clubs for each person. Such specifics include head shape, shaft flex and kick point, length, grip size and loft and lie. Already a pioneer in club design, making, and repairing, he developed an assortment of  adaptive appliances and devices for those missing digits and limbs to improve the lives of those with disabilities. This led to Bob's selection as the State of Wisconsin 2007 P.G.A. Teacher of the Year.

The Bob Burns Golf Learning Center Facility__________

Bob has designed the most complete golf practice

and learning center in the Fox Valley for all levels of

golfers to enjoy. The Bob Burns Golf Learning Center

is located about a half a mile north of Richmond Street

(just a block off Country JJ.) The Bob Burns Golf

Learning Center is built on 20 acres of land. The practice

range utilizes a crescent shaped tee area so that it is easy

for golfers to aim at all six elevated championship sized

target greens. These greens were constructed by Mike

Lanko of the Pete Dye design group for Whistling Straits/

Blackwolf Run and Harbour Town, Hilton Head, South

Carolina.  The target greens range from 50, 100, 150,

175, 200, and 250 yards.                                                       

Not only does this premier facility contain a hitting range,  but it also includes two large USGA putting and chipping  greens. The greens are seeded with penncross bentgrass. The pitching green also features a huge bunker that wraps halfway around the green with real bunker sand. Two large ponds on each side of the greens facilitate the irrigation for the entire complex. Bob  has developed this premier practice and teaching facility in order to analyze every type of golf shot you’ll need to take your game to the next level.

Club fitting and manufacturing_______________________­­­­­­_________

Bob Burns is recognized for over 50 years of teaching,

club fitting, and club manufacturing. His facility features

a high-tech launch monitor, along with simulators, swing

computers and video, to assist in the club teaching/fitting

process. The video and swing computers analyze a golfer’s

motion instantly. The swing is captured on the monitor and

gives the golfer a complete assessment of the club face

angle at impact. It also identifies the weight distribution at

address, at the top, and at impact, along with the golfers

ball flight and yardage for each club. In addition, Bob and

his staff compare and contrast clubs to help you achieve

optimal ball flight trajectory at his outdoor facility.


In addition to being a PGA Master Professional, Bob is also a master club maker. Bob’s club making has been featured in a variety of major golf publications throughout his career. With a careful sequence of measurements, Bob can custom fit clubs to a golfer for length, lie, loft, shaft flex, and grip size. Bob and his staff can custom build a whole set featuring either lightweight steel or graphite shafts for both woods and irons within a week's time. Bob Burns Custom Clubs include a wide variety of different styles, shapes, and designs, all with the newest technology available to give a golfer maximum performance. Bob offers both stainless steel and titanium woods in oversize and shallow face models. Bob is also one of the few clubmakers who still manufactures hand crafted Persimmon and Laminated Maple woods in both classic and oversized heads. These include vintage styles that resemble the Eye-o-Matic Tommy Armour woods initially made by the Macregor Company in the 1950’s, and newer oversized models that incorporate both tradition and technology. Bob has refined these oversized woods with a larger face profile and fiber insert to increase the effective sweet spot by as much as 35%.

Club Repair_______________________________________________________

Bob offers the most complete club repair service                         in the United States. Bob Burns repairs all major                          makes of woods and irons along with complete                            refinishing, re-shafting, re-gripping, and                                      restoration. Bob uses state-of-the-art machinery                          to aid in the club repair process.

Some of the other general repairs for the Persimmon and Laminated Maple Woods include:

  • Changing swing weight or replacing loose weight

  • Tightening loose heads and re-whipping

  • Repairing split and damaged necks

  • Repairing or replacing broken face inserts with cycoloc or fiber

  • Changing bulge and roll


Iron repair consists of changing lie and loft on

both forged and investment cast stainless steel

irons, changing swing weight, tightening loose

heads, changing length, removing rattles, polishing

and sandblasting stainless irons, and re-chroming

and sandblasting forged irons. In addition to these

services, Bob will  repair heads with shafts broken

off at the neck.