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Newspaper Articles


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"Golf pro keeps busy by making clubs"

"Back in the Game"

"Golf pro does more than golfing"

"Equipment Scene"

"Club fit affects golf score"

"Clubfit Clinic: Manage component inventory for more profitable fitting"

"Chaska pro offers tips for care of clubs"

"Are Custom Clubs for You?"

"Bob Burns Uses Wintertime For Clubmaking"

"Golf season never really ends"

"Are Custom Clubs For You?"

"Burns fits clubs to golfers"

"Carving a niche: Golf-club maker a traditionalist: wood for woods

"Providing cure for ailing shots"

"Caddying for the King"

"Award Runner-Up Runs a Tight Shop"

"Bob Burns Custom Persimmonated"

"Guide to Club Fitting: 7 important considerations to selecting the right equipment"

"Designs for swingers: Bob Burns manufactures golf clubs with precision"

"Analyzer detects ins and outs of golf swing"

"Hooked on Sports"

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