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"Playing Through"

"The Slice is Dead"

"Bananas? Split! Stay Ahead of the Curve with the Anti-Slice Driver"

"Feel the Burns: Take the Slice out of Life with this Wisconsin Wizard's Weaponry"

"DAT's a Nice Driver"

"Banana Man"

"Slippin' Out of BananaVille"

"Bob Burns Golf"

"Bob Burns No Bananas Hybrid"

"Bob Burns No Bananas Driver"

"Bob Burns Golf: Putting the Tee in Community"

"Bob Burns No Bananas Golf: Hit Further and Straighter Guaranteed!"

"Bob Burns builds his brand"

"Never Slice Again"

Golf Digest 

"The Four Best Hybrids" 

"Bob Burns named PGA Wisconsin Section Teacher of the Year"

"Hot List: Slicers"

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