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Titanium series offset woods feature an aerodynamic top crown and soleplate to decrease wind resistance and increase swing speed. This offset design keeps your hands ahead of the clubface, making this offset titanium head extremely playable. The offset hosel delays impact a split second longer which gives the face time to rotate back to square (thereby helping to reduce slicing). The offset also enhances flight trajectory by increasing the clubs dynamic loft at impact. This driver is perfect for those who push fade and or slice. This driver is small enough to be used form the fairway and large enough to compete with the 460cc driver. (Clubs sold separately) Only available in right-hand and 10.5 degrees of loft for the driver. Matching fairway woods are available.  

Master's Titanium Offset Driver for Senior, Lady's, and Juniors

SKU: 4955848
  • Right Handed  - Only available option.

    (Please choose Loft from the available options below.)


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