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Two 5 gram, two 10 gram and two 15 gram weights and a wrench are included. The putter weighs 355 grams with the 10 gram screws. 345 grams with the 5 gram screws and 365 with the 15 gram screws. This system allows the player to be fitted into the proper length and weight so that the putter not only fits the player but also maintains its natural balance and feel. Standard putters in pro shops are often too long and when a putter is cut down it decreases the swing weight. When the swing weight becomes too light, it will have a negative affect on tempo. A putter that is too light also makes it difficult to allow the putter head to swing naturally on the proper arc. Our weighting system allows for any length or grip size while maintaining head feel.

Bob Burns 50th Anniversary Adjustable weighted Putter

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