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Jerry Eastman

Lieutenant Jerry Eastman served in Afghanistan and has been on active duty in the military for over 30 years. Although he was not specifically injured in war, his years of service have affected his back and legs.

Outside of military duties, however, Jerry has lost a finger. As the grip is the golf player’s only connection to the club, obviously Jerry’s hand injury presented a challenge to one of the most important fundamentals of the game.

If a golfer’s hands separate during the swing, the alignment of the club face will change, making consistent impact nearly impossible. Over the last several years of lessons and practice, Jerry’s score has improved immensely, and he is now hitting his drives 240-250 yards. With the use of our special Grip Lock and No-Bananas gloves, he is now able to keep his hands connected to the club without the grip handle coming loose. Jerry can now maintain a square clubface throughout his swing.

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