2012 - Best Seller

The No Bananas anti-slice hybrid offers golfers the distance of a fairway metal with launch and control of an iron.

The Hybrids feature a hollow construction to free up weight that is shifted lower to the sole and allows a wider face profile from toe to heel. Intended to complement the No Bananas irons these Hybrids utilize weight ports made to accept interchangeable weight screws. As with the irons, two weighted screws with options made of aluminum, brass, stainless steel or dense tungsten can be swapped to modify swing weight and moment of inertia (MOI). Shot making creativity can be enhanced depending upon the degree of density in toe weighting than heel weighting.

Like the popular No Bananas drivers and irons, No Bananas hybrids are designed with an offset hosel to further square the clubface for ultimate forgiveness.

The No Bananas hybrids feature a contoured U shaped sole which enables the club head to glide through the fairway, deep rough, sand, or hard-pa

No Bananas Anti-Slice Hybrids

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