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Steel Shaft: $150

Graphite Shaft: $175

Meticulously designed by PGA Master professional and master clubmaker Bob Burns and his staff, this wedge system features heel relief and minimal bounce throughout the set, designed with the accomplished player in mind. This design features afford golfers the option to significantly open or close the clubface without the club digging or bouncing off the turf. Making this more than just your average wedge.

Thanks to a deep face, exceptional sole camber and the maximum allowable groove width, this classic shaped Master Grind wedge will deliver championship –caliber feel and performance to players of any skill level.


What Makes our wedges so much better? We have incorporated three simple design elements.

1.) Narrow Sole: This lowers the height of the leading edge when the clubface is addressed open to the ball.
2.) Decreased Bounce: The bounce has been optimized for shot selection versatility and ideal turf interaction.
3.) Larger Clubhead: Sole width was decreased to allow an overall larger clubface to instill confidence by exposing more of the clubface to the ball.

Player Profile: Serious players of all skill levels
Product Availability: Right-Hand only
Lie & Loft Adjustments Available: Yes
Grip: Bob Burns Tour Wrap
Shaft: True Temper Dynamic (Stock)


Master Grind Forged Wedge

SKU: 6328286
  • Right Handed  - Only available option.

    (Please choose Loft from the available options below.)


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