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The D.A.T  hybrids are designed to complement our D.A.T drivers and fairway metals. The D.A.T hybrids are engineered with two inset portals that accept interchangeable weight-screws of varying physical masses. These variably weighted tungsten screws can be swapped or arranged to modify the swing-weight of the club and to enhance its, moment of inertia (MOI)


Depending on what the launch monitor reveals, and depending on which weights are placed where-low behind the heel and toe of the clubhead-individual golfers can improve the consistency of their shots, and even their ability to work the ball, particularly from right to left.

To decrease the “banana ball effect”- shots that spin out of control right to left- and to minimize the scatter-pattern of off-center hits, the D.A.T hybrids can thus be customized or adapted to impact an individualized corrective sidespin (“gear-effect”) to the ball. With proper weight-adjustment, a ball hit on the toe will draw, while a ball hit on the heel will fade, each back toward the center of the fairway or green 


D.A.T Hybrid 18º | 50th Anniversary

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