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The D.A.T fairway metals are now available with insert adjustable weight-screws that distributes more weight to the perimeter of the clubhead, thus creating maximum stability at impact and enhancing optimal launch-angles. Golfers who push, fade, or slice the ball, may shift weight-screws with greater or less mass into the toe or heel of the club to correct problematic shot patterns. 

By positioning two adjustable weights in the heavy sole of the clubhead, one toward the toe, and one toward the heel, we’ve accomplished two things that should improve your game: we’ve lowered the center of gravity (CG) so that it rests below the center-line of the ball at address (thus improving your chances of hitting shots with optimal spin-rates and trajectories), and we’ve engineered a weighting profile that you may adjust to compensate for your habitual mishits on the toe or heel. The weight-screws allow you to custom fit the weighting of the clubhead to your individual swing-speed (or ball-speed), launch-angle, and spin-rate.  

D.A.T Fairway Wood 18° | 50th Anniversary

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