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Steel Shafts: $900

Graphite Shafts: $1,100

3 Iron-Pitching Wedge comes with the set. Sand Wedge: $100

Bob Burns titanium beta interface irons combine space-age technology with a proven perimenter weighted design concept. The unique bi-metal constructionof the Bob Burns titanium interface combines the benefits of perimeter weightingwith a spring-like response face. A solid, thin titanium beta interfaceis set into the frame, allowing the face to flex and rebound when struck by a golf ball. The flexing effect propels the ball forward at a faster rate, wihle increasing backspin. The extra-large sweet spot guarantees maximum performance even on the worst miss hits. This iron is extremely forgiving, and its unique design creates increased ball velocity up to 20 to 30 feet per second, which translates to a significant increase in distance. Where golfers would normally hit a three iron, they can now use a five iron.

Bob Burns Titanium Irons with graphite shafts

  • Right Handed  - Only available option.

    (Please choose Loft from the available options below.)


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