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The Downswing

By: Bob Burns

Golf Professional

There are many theories about getting the club down from the top of the back swing. Most golfers fail to start the downswing with the lower half of the body and wind up (hitting from the top). The poor player often starts his downswing with his shoulders or the premature use of his hands and wrists, throwing the club off line, and dissipating its speed too soon. He tenses up on the downswing, clutching or grabbing the club with a tightened grip in a conscious attempt to direct the ball and general club head speed. 

Good golfers initiate the downswing on all full shots with the lower half of the body. This critical downswing actually occurs with a lateral movement of legs and hips toward the golfer's target. 

The hips shift laterally in the direction they are facing at the top. This fulfills the following essential requirements 1) it moves the golfer's weight over to the left side. 2) It drops the right elbow into the side and creates a beautiful left-hand lead back into impact with the ideal late-hit position for release. 3) It causes the players right shoulder to move down and under his chin, rather than out and around it, and thus moves the club head on line into the ball on the correct plane. This assures you of better shots with all clubs. 

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