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The "Cut Shot"

By: Bob Burns

Golf Professional

If your ball has landed in a green-side bunker with a very high bank to shoot over, how will you achieve enough loft to clear the bank, but yet keep the ball from running over the green? Try the "Cut Shot!" Play the ball opposite the left foot, open the stance, open the blade of the sand wedge, and swing the club on an outside-in path that cuts across the ball, but no more than that, or you will leave the ball sitting there. 

Your swing plane should be up right, with a slow, unhurried action. Swing in a relaxed, easy manner, taking about a 3/4 back swing and swing as far forward as momentum carries the club. That should result in a full follow-through. 

You may use this same shot with a sand wedge when attempting to get height from off the green. An example of this is shooting over a bunker. In this situation, position the ball toward the right foot. This will also work exceptionally well out of the rough and will result in a high shot with backspin. 

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