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The "Punch Shot" From Trouble

By: Bob Burns

Golf Professional

In my experience teaching golf, I have found a problem, which all too often baffles the average golfer. This is the predicament in which the player finds himself when he is prevented from taking a full swing. This might occur when the ball lands so close to a tree or other obstacle that a conventional back swing is obstructed. The golfer then must adjust his swing to compensate. 

I have accumulated a few checkpoints to use as a guide in executing this type of shot:

1) First, take a few practice swings;

2) Be sure to choke up on the club as much as necessary and maintain a steady body position;

3) Adjust the feet closer to the ball in relation with the choking down on the club;

4) Play the ball off the right toe;

5) Try to pick the club up with the wrists rather than with the left arm or hands;

6) In executing this shot, the wrists must break immediately on the back swing;

7) Hit down on the ball and follow through as much as possible. 

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