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Don't Be A Fool while Playing It Cool

By: Bob Burns

Golf Professional

Golfers who play during the early, cold weeks of the golf season would be well advised to swing much easier than normal. When playing in a strong wind, the tendency is to swing too hard. It is natural to sense that the elements are something to overpower, but you should avoid the tendency to hit harder in the wind and cold. Swinging too fast is bad under any conditions, but fatal in the cold weather when bulkier clothes tend to restrict movement and cold temperatures cause the muscles to tighten. There is also a strong urge to "steer" the shot according to the direction of the wind. Most of these tendencies exaggerate swing faults and cause the ball to fly erratically. 

The ball will stay on line much better when you swing easy and selecting plenty of club to get the job done. 

Prepare yourself mentally for an easy, rhythmical, flowing swing. Then make a conscious effort to take the club slower than usual on your back swing. Swing with less force than usual and you are sure to play well under these cool, windy conditions. 

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