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Check Your Alignment

By: Bob Burns

Golf Professional

Improper alignment is one of the most common faults of the average golfer.  It can lead to misdirected shots, even when the ball is hit solid.

The setup at address, therefore, influences the way one swings the club.  The golfer who sets up improperly must necessarily invoke compensations during his swing, lessening the chance for a perfect shot.  Through teaching, I find that the golfer is so mentally intent on the mechanics and theories of the swing that he is not conscious of his misdirected and improper alignment.

Learning to align properly is not too difficult if the next time he goes to the range for some practice, the golfer takes the time to check themselves before the shot.

Before each shot, you should place a club down parallel to the intended line of flight and take your stance with your toes against the club.  If you feel awkward at first, it's because you've been lining up wrong all this time. Now, you are in the perfect position.  The setup to the target is such that the feet, knees, hips, and shoulder are parallel to the intended line of flight.  After doing this for a bucket of balls, you'll find that you can achieve this perspective without the aid of the club.

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