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Jeff Unger

Jeff Unger is a wounded warrior who injured his spine. His spine was fused with a titanium plate at C 6/7. It has compression damage at T 8/9 and L 4/5, and Jeff also has a severe leg injury, all of which prevents full motion, such as rotation and bending at the hips. The limitations affect Jeff’s setup position and full swing. The result is called a reverse pivot. This is where the head and upper body tilt toward the target in the backswing and there is a weight shift to the left side (front foot) rather than the right side (back foot). The reverse pivot action causes a golfer to hit the ground behind the ball or to hit the top half of the ball, as the club makes it way upward on the forward swing.

To correct Jeff’s swing problem, we had him establish the proper side tilt, which is about 5 to 10 degrees to the right. This is a function of both a golfer’s grip and his/her ball position. If the right hand is lower, the right shoulder should also be lower, and if the ball is forward in a golfer’s stance (just inside the front foot), the head and eyes will be more behind the ball.

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