Bob Burns low profile metal woods are by far the easiest to hit and a great compliment to the No Bananas Driver. The shallow face design and wide body concentrates weight in the sole and places the center of gravity well below a conventional wood. The low center of gravity and strong lofts allow you to hit longer and straighter shots. The exclusive turf rail sole will get you through any tough rough, or tight lie. Driver, 3+, 3, 7. At this time the fairway trackers are only available in Right Hand
(Clubs sold separately)



On the tee or off any fairway lie the Tracker metal woods give your ball optimum flight trajectory. Tracker metal woods are available with or without hosel offset. 


Someone didn't replace that divot? Call on the Tracker the leading edge is designed to plow through the sod to the ball with the tracks giving stability and just enough sole bounce to keep the club head from digging.


From a fairway lie the low center of gravity, the leading edge, and the track rails help get the ball up and keep it on line

Tracker Low Profile Offset Woods

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  • Right Handed  - Only available option.

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