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The Bob Wedge
Are you one of those golfers (say a mid- to high-handicapper) who carries but two wedges in your bag, a standard pitching wedge and a conventional sand wedge—and who can see no good reason for carrying more than two—and yet who finds one or another of those new lob wedges increasingly catching your attention, and briefly unsettling your otherwise sensible two-wedge mind? Do you find yourself thinking now and then that one of those very highly-lofted, deep-soled wedges, would sure make it easier to get out of sand traps and steep-sided bunkers—or to loft a shot over water, or from thick, greenside grass—or to play over a high mound—when you haven’t got much green to work with?

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The BOB (4 in 1) Wedge Biased Offset Bounce

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  • Right Handed  - Only available option.

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