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The Bob Wedge
The Bob Wedge may well be the second wedge you need—a wedge designed specifically to perform the functions both of a good 56° sand wedge and of one or another of those lob wedges you sometimes wish you had. Dramatically different from all but a very few other highly lofted wedges on the market, “The Bob,” as we have come to call it, is a kind of 4-in-1 problem-solver for the average golfer. 

In technical terms, we speak of The Bob Wedge as having a biased, offset, variable degree of bounce—and a coordinately variable degree of loft—each dependent on the extent to which the clubface is opened or laid flat at address. When the leading edge of the clubface is conventionally square to the target line, The Bob has a loft of 56° and 1° of bounce. When the clubface is opened by 5°, the loft increases to 58° and the bounce to 4°. Rotating the face open to 10° increases the loft to 60° and the effective bounce to 9°. Finally and radically, when the clubface is opened to an extreme 15°, the loft increases to 71° and the bounce to 11°.  What you have then is a truly versatile club—one club that will perform the functions of a precision sand wedge and, at your command, the functions of a set of lob wedges as well. The most notable features of The Bob’s distinctive design and its problem-solving versatility are found on the unusually contoured flange of its sole. The Bob features a leading edge that is desirable for buried lies in sand and for touchy chips and pitches around the green. The result of this distinctive sole is a wedge—a single wedge—that will enable you to nip or pinch those delicate shots around the green—or to drive your ball out of upslope, fried eggs in sand. To make the kinds of shots a golfer most often seeks with a lob wedge.

The BOB (4 in 1) Wedge Biased Offset Bounce

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