Steel Shafts: $600

Graphite Shafts: $800

3 Iron-Pitching Wedge come with set. Sand Wedge: $75.

The Scotland blade features a thin topline which enhances its classic style, while the straight leading edge provides for easy alignment. Perimeter weighting and a slightly oversize blade add forgiveness usually not found in players irons. The stainless steel oversize blade iron features a lighter swing weight and large forgiving face which promotes great playability.

The thick, heavily weighted perimeter is the redistribution of inefficient weight. This builds a very high MOI (moment of inertia) or resistance to twisting. This technology produces more accuracy on off-center hits as well as improves feel at impact. A deep face which is approximately 25% larger than conventional irons, provides an optimum center of gravity throughout the set, thus maximizing greater results on mishits and improved consistency.

Many popular graphite and steel shaft upgrades are available including grip options

This product is ideal for mid-to-high handicappers including senior golfers.

Oversize Scotland Blade Irons (Set)

Add Sand Wedge
  • Right Handed  - Only available option.

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