Bob Burns Master Professional D.A.T hybrids combine the accuracy and consistency of a long-iron with the high-flight-trajectory of a custom-fitted fairway wood. Their hollow-clubhead-construction has enabled us to lower the center of gravity in the clubhead and to produce a clubface with a longer-that-average profile form toe to heel. Designed, as they are, to complement our D.A.T Limited Edition driver, fairway metals, and irons, they feature a broadly U-shaped sole that glides more readily than traditional long-irons through deep rough or sand and more smoothly over fairway or hardpan.


Most notably, perhaps, the Bob Burns Master Professional D.A.T hybrids are engineered with two inset portals that accept interchangeable weight-screws of carrying physical masses. These variably weighted screws- of aluminum, stainless steel, brass, or dense tungsten- can ber swapped or arranged to modify the swing-weight of the club and to enhance its moment of inertia (MOI)- in slightly less technical terms, to individualize the club for a particular golfer’s swing-speed, launch angle, and spin-rate.

D.A.T Hybrid 24º


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